About MakeSpace Foundation

MakeSpace Foundation is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to making spaces for humane and joyful software to grow in service of human community-building.

We were founded to counter the prevalent practice of software architected to unilaterally claim private human experience as free raw material for translation into behavioral data, with our personal and group psychologies exploited for profit.

We’re tackling this at three levels.

First, we’re creating an exemplar collaborative platform, which has already blown open the collective imagination of what’s possible for online digital interaction. Most modern operating systems are still designed for the 20th century with solo, isolated users — by contrast, MakeSpace is a collaborative operating system, designed from the ground up to fit the ergonomics of individual thought, cooperating groups, and diverse communities.

Second, we’re designing our organization in a way that aligns our incentives to ensure our spaces remain safe, ethical, inclusive, and beneficial to people for years to come. We’re building, measuring, and becoming financially sustainable without collecting and selling your data for profit. We’re part of the growing movement of founders looking to create a long-term asset that benefits their communities — co-owned, co-governed, and accountable.

Third, we’re sharing the methods and materials we’re using along the way, making spaces for others to share theirs too, and eventually, the means for more creators to start their own efforts.

Our mission is to build collective capacity, culture, and community to co-create a safe, joyful, new digital infrastructure that provides long-term benefit to all people. We are a home and harbor for those who see what’s broken and long to create new possibilities for a brighter digital future, together.