A whole new way to be together, apart.
A browser for you, your friends, and your community.
A place to co-create, co-work, or just hang out.
MakeSpace for all of the above.

MakeSpace for being together

In today’s software, live video feeds are stuck inside static rectangles that can’t go anywhere. MakeSpace flips all that on its head. Your cursor is your live face, and you can roam free, controlling who and what you want to be close to.

Pull up a chair Facedock

FaceDocks are flexible, resizable frames for people to inhabit. They’re a powerful way to fluidly rearrange the space for different social dynamics.

Simply hover over any empty FaceDock to fill it with your face. You can have as many FaceDocks as you want, arranged and sized however you’d like.

Organize an event. Orchestrate a discussion. Perform for a live audience. Use FaceDocks to transform the space you have into the space you need.

Sound travels…

If a tree falls in MakeSpace, you'll hear it… and know where it fell. That's because sound is spatial here — you can hear where voices and sounds are coming from. And if you need a quiet moment, simply step away.

or stays in a Room.

Make a Room when you want some privacy. Sounds in a room stay in the room, and sounds outside of the room stay out. It’s even easier than running around looking for a place to have a private conversation.

MakeSpace for browsing

Send a link in the group chat Bring live, working websites into your MakeSpace and browse collaboratively. In real-time. Whether you’re reading articles, writing emails, or watching livestreams—the Internet is better when you’re together.

Make maps, not tabs

⌘-Click on any link in to Frame it right next to the site you are on. Zoom out and discover the map of your journey. If you need to go “back,” just retrace your steps.

Get on the same page

No need to “share your screen” when you’re already sharing a space. To direct attention towards something, just say “come look at this”. That’s it.


Drag and drop stuff from a website directly into your space… or even into another website.

Meaningful mess

MakeSpace preserves the visual-spatial artifacts of your interactions and respects the way your mind makes associations. Want to find a photo, but can't remember its name or URL? Just revist the last place you saw it.

MakeSpace for class

From discussions and lectures to breakout sessions—rearrange your infinite space like you would your classroom.

Use Rooms for students to break into discussion groups. Wander around and check in on how things are going simply by moving your cursor. Post up student work, web pages, or any other materials to set up the learning vibe.

MakeSpace used to host a fully immersive classroom.

MakeSpace for work

Assemble your all-in-one workspace à-la-carte.

Rediscover the tools and services you already know by placing them in space. Use them together by just moving to the areas you want to discuss.

Artwork credit: Annie Stoll

MakeSpace being used for creative work.

MakeSpace for exhibitions

Create entirely new experiences for your guests.

Design live gallery events that could never exist in real life with infinite flexible space. Livestream artists or curators while the audience roams your work.

Artwork credit: Cece Carpio

MakeSpace being used to showcase work by Cece Carpio

MakeSpace for live events

Whether it’s a livestream, a dance party, or a music festival, there’s space for both old and new friends.

Design a vibe and read your audience while you play. Audiences can use the spatiality of sound to get closer to the action, or move away to have a quick side conversation.

MakeSpace being used to perform a live concert.

MakeSpace for learning

Spread out all your learning sources and dive into the material, together.

You’ll naturally cluster around content that sparks your curiosity.

MakeSpace used to research as a group and take notes spatially.

MakeSpace for fun

Get silly in ways you never imagined before.

Cursors can have body language. Putting faces in unexpected places can create effects we never predicted. Who knew?

MakeSpace being used to hang out with a community.

MakeSpace for you

Express Yourselfie

Leave reactions unique to You with FaceStickas. Why wait for someone in California to draw a “kind of you” when you can use the 43 muscles in your face that make you, you?

… and Theme!

Customize your space with our theming engine to give it that personal flair. Glitter is highly encouraged.

MakeSpace for the future

The most common reaction we receive when demoing this is, “Can I have this now?”

We need your help making this project blossom into something everyone can use. Whether you can offer funding, expertise, interdisciplinary and organizational partnership of all kinds, or just the patience to hammer on prototypes and provide thoughtful feedback, let us know!

If you are wondering, “Who me? But I don’t work in technology!” we absolutely want to hear from you. Whether you’re a school teacher, student, small business owner, artist, musician, theater person, event organizer, immersive designer, community organizer, activist, or in some occupation we haven’t even dreamed would use this yet, we’ll probably need you.

We want this to be for communities, by communities. We’re committed to inclusivity and anti-racism in everything we do, and expect the same commitment of our collaborators.